ACCT 211 Learnsmart Assignment 8 Liberty University Solution

Ring Co. owns a delivery van that was purchased two years ago for $25,000. Ring has depreciated the van for two years at a straight-line amount of $4,000 per year. The book value of this van at the end of the second year would be $_____.

The cost at which a company records purchases of machinery and equipment should include which of the following?

Zion Co. paid cash for an upgrade to an existing machine that would reduce the amount of waste produced by the machine (and therefore, increasing efficiency). The journal entry to record this upgrade would include which of the following entries?

The _____ life of a plant asset is the length of time it is productively used in a company's operations.

On December 31, Briar Co. disposed of a piece of equipment that cost $6,000 with accumulated depreciation of $4,500. The entry to record this disposal would include a debit to which account and for how much?

A plant asset is ___________ when it is no longer useful to the company, and it has no market value.

A company sells a machine that cost $7,000 for $500 cash. The machine had $6,500 accumulated depreciation. The entry to record this transaction will include which of the following entries?

Straight-line depreciation is calculated by taking cost minus _________ value divided by useful life.

Plant assets should be recorded at cost, including all normal and reasonable expenditures necessary to get the asset in place and ready for its intended use. This would include which of the following costs?

Grand Co. owns one copier that was purchased for $10,000 three years ago. The depreciation expense taken on the copier each year has been $2,700; $1,800; and $2,200, based on the number of copies that have been made on the copier. Based on this information, the company uses the ________ depreciation method.

_________ value, also called residual value or scrap value, is an estimate of the assets value at the end of its benefit period.

The depreciation method that determines the depreciation charge for the period by multiplying a depreciation rate (often twice the straight-line rate) by the assets beginning-period book value is known as the method.

A delivery van that cost $45,000 with accumulated depreciation of $15,000 is sold for $20,000. How much gain or loss will be recognized on this sale?

On January 1, Enco Co. purchases a milling machine for $15,000. The machine is expected to last seven years and have a salvage value of $1,000. Assuming the company uses the straight-line method, depreciation expense should be $______________ per year.

ATZ Co. sells equipment that cost $9,000 with current accumulated depreciation of $8,000 for $2,000 cash. To record this transaction, ATZ will credit which accounts? (Check all that apply.)

Juno Co. purchased a machine for $10,000 and estimates it will use the machine for four years with a $2,000 salvage value. Using the double declining balance depreciation method, compute the machine’s first year depreciation expense.

Rino Co. pays $35,000 for equipment. The machine's useful life is estimated at 10 years, or 50,000 units of product with a $5,000 salvage value. During the first year, the machine produced 12,000 units of product. How much depreciation expense will Rino record this year based on the units-of-production depreciation method?