ACCT 211 Learnsmart Assignment 9 Liberty University Solution

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Perez Co. sells automotive supplies and warranties them for a three-month period. Perez sold $10,000 of supplies during the month and anticipates that warranty repairs for these sales will total $250. The adjusting entry that Perez will make to record the warranty expense will include which of the following?

Mary's Magazine Sales sells popular magazine subscriptions. During January, Mary collected $1,200 from various customers to provide magazines over the next 12 months. At the end of February, Mary would make an adjusting entry to record one month of magazines subscriptions earned. This transaction would include which of the following entries?

On June 1, Grey Co. borrows $15,000 cash from the National Bank by signing a 120-day, 10% interest-bearing note. Grey will record interest during the year totaling . Using a 360 day year, round your final answer to the nearest whole dollar.

A company sells 12-month subscriptions to popular magazines. During the month of May, the company sells $10,000 in magazines, which will start in June. The journal entry to record the sales not yet earned will include a credit to which account?

Star Co. reported $10,000 of net income during the month of January. Star estimates that it owes income taxes of $2,000 for the month. The month-end adjusting entry to record this estimate would require which of the following entries?

On June 1, Sawyer Co. borrowed $5,000 by extending their past-due account payable with a 45-day, 12% interest-bearing note. On July 16, the due date, Sawyer pays the amount due in full. Sawyer would record this payment with a __________ to Interest Expense in the amount of __________.

On December 1, Campbell Co. borrowed $10,000 cash from Second Bank by signing a 90-day, 6% interest-bearing note. On December 31, Campbell accrued interest expense of $50. Campbell does not use reversing entries. On March 1, the due date of the note, Campbell will record the payment with debit entries to which of the following accounts?

Tire Co. collected $2,000 in sales tax during the month of October. The entry that shows the remittance of this sales tax to the state government in November would include a credit to the account.

During December 2017, Marci Lane opens a computer sales store selling new computers and offering a six-month warranty on all new sales. During December, Lane makes three sales totaling $4,000. Lane estimates warranty repairs will total 15% of sales. In January 2018, a customer submits a warranty claim requiring $300 of work. Lane will record a debit to Estimated Warranty Liability in the amount in January 2018 for the warranty work.

During the second quarter of the year, Francisco Co. accrued $8,000 of income taxes. On July 15, Francisco will send in the second quarterly payment. To record this payment, Francisco will enter which of the following entries?

Victor’s Vacuum Sales Co. sells high quality vacuums and provides a one-year warranty on all new sales. Based on history, Victor anticipates that 3% of vacuums will be returned at a cost of $30 per vacuum. During the month, Victor sold 100 vacuums for a total of $35,000. At the end of the month, Victor will record in Warranty Expense.