ACCT 212 Exam 3 Liberty University Solution

Question 1

Morris Company applies overhead based on direct labor costs. For the current year, Morris Company estimated total overhead costs to be $400,000, and direct labor costs to be $2,000,000. Actual overhead costs for the year totaled $380,000, and actual direct labor costs totaled $1,800,000. At year-end, the balance in the Factory Overhead account is a:

Question 3

During March, the production department of a process operations system completed and transferred to finished goods 25,000 units that were in process at the beginning of March and 110,000 that were started and completed in March. March's beginning inventory units were 100% complete with respect to materials and 55% complete with respect to labor. At the end of March, 30,000 additional units were in process in the production department and were 100% complete with respect to materials and 30% complete with respect to labor. The production department incurred direct labor cost of $578,900 and its beginning inventory included labor cost of $54,700. Compute the direct labor cost per equivalent unit for the department using the weighted-average method.

Question 4

Crinkle Cut Clothes Company manufactures two products CC1 and CC2. Current direct material and direct labor costs are detailed below. Next year the company wishes to use a plantwide overhead rate with direct labor hours as its allocation base. Next year's overhead is estimated to be $338,250. The direct labor and direct materials costs are estimated to be consistent with the current year. Direct labor costs $28 per hour and the company expects to manufacture 22,000 units of CC1 and 91,000 units of CC2 next year.

Compute the plantwide overhead rate for next year.

Question 5

A company estimates that overhead costs for the next year will be $8,320,000 for indirect labor and $155,500 for factory utilities. The company uses machine hours as its overhead allocation base. If 400,000 machine hours are planned for this next year, what is the company's plantwide overhead rate? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

Question 16

Flagstaff Company has budgeted production units for July of 7,900 units. Variable factory overhead is $1.20 per unit. Budgeted fixed factory overhead is $19,000, which includes $3,000 of factory equipment depreciation. Compute the total budgeted overhead to be reported on the factory overhead budget for the month.

Question 17

Zhang Industries budgets production of 300 units in June and 310 units in July. Each finished unit requires 4 pounds (lbs.) of raw material K, which costs $5 per pound. Each month’s ending inventory of raw materials should be 30% of the following month’s budgeted production. The June 1 raw materials inventory has 360 pounds of raw material K. Compute budgeted purchases for raw material K in pounds for June.

Question 20

The Gardner Company expects sales for October of $248,000. Experience suggests that 45% of sales are for cash and 55% are on credit. The company collects 50% of its credit sales in the month of sale and 50% in the month following sale. Budgeted Accounts Receivable on September 30 is $67,000. What is the amount of Accounted Receivables on the October 31 budgeted balance sheet?