BIBL 104 Quiz 1 Answers Liberty University | Complete Answers

BIBL 104 Quiz 1 Liberty University

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Question 1 According to Leviticus, there were ____________ religious feasts that were to be celebrated in the Spring and Fall.

Question 2 In Deuteronomy, Moses predicts the _____________ that Israel’s future generations will exhibit.

Question 3 The book of Habakkuk presents the destruction of Babylon.

Question 4 Genesis also emphasizes the importance of the ________________ covenant, which gave Israel a right to the land (Gen 15:18–21).

Question 5 The Ten Commandments can be divided into two categories: responsibilities to God and responsibilities to

Question 6 The Historical Books extend from the book of Joshua to the book of Esther.

Question 7 The dispersion of the nations occurred

Question 8 The Major Prophets are twelve separate compositions in our English Bible, but they appear as a single “Book of the Twelve” in the Hebrew Bible.

Question 9 God gave Israel the Ten Commandments

Question 10 The book of Micah presents a divine lawsuit.

Question 21 According to the book of Numbers, people could also be sanctified through the __________ Blessing assuring them of God’s continued grace upon them.

Question 22 In Numbers, the Israelites were given divine guidance in

Question 23 Moses died and was buried

Question 24 In Deuteronomy, Moses explains the intent of the Ten Commandments as an ___________ motivation toward godly behavior in the civil, social, and ceremonial life of Israel.

Question 25 The book of ____________ is used extensively by Christ not only to validate His messiahship and summarize the law but also to rebut Satan.

Question 26 The thematic focus of Ezra is rebuilding the wall.

Question 27 The book of Proverbs is a book containing words of wisdom.

Question 28 Song of Songs is a book that provides songs of life.

Question 29 The first five books of the Bible are known as the Torah.

Question 40 Deuteronomy focuses on covenant renewal.

Question 41 Altogether the Minor Prophets are a collection of messages to Israel and Judah that serve both as predictions of judgment and as promises of hope for the future.

Question 42 The __________________ represented how God was to dwell among His people and how the nation would fellowship with God

Question 43 What was the significance of the final plague?

Question 44 The book of Nahum relates the destruction of Edom.

Question 45 The Day of ______________ was the holiest day on the Hebrew calendar.

Question 46 The four great patriarchs in Genesis are:

Question 47 The first five books of the Bible trace the actions of God in history from the creation of the world until the death of Joshua.

Question 48 According to our textbook, the original creation

Question 49 The book of Hosea underscores God’s unquenchable love.

Question 50 Abraham and Sarah had a child named ______________ who was God’s chosen son of the promise.