BIBL 104 Quiz 4 Answers Liberty University | Complete Answers

BIBL 104 Quiz 4 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1

Habakkuk’s third question was:

Question 2

In his first vision, Zechariah saw a flying scroll that measured thirty feet by fifteen feet and was covered with written curses against those who had broken God’s commandments

Question 3

In the final section of the book of Micah, God’s relationship to His people is presented as

Question 4

The book of Ezekiel ends with a vision of an eschatological temple where God dwells with his people and a life-giving river flows out from this temple

Question 5

Jonah’s prayer in Jonah 2:1-10 closely follows the form of a songs of confession in the Psalms - where the worshipper confesses a sin to God and asks for a specific act of deliverance.

Question 6

Critical scholarship has argued for multiple authorship of the book and has viewed chapters 40–66 as coming after the time of Isaiah.

Question 7

According to the textbook, Habakkuk’s interaction with God is a reminder that the life of faith often involves lament, complaint, and the pouring out of one’s honest emotions and feelings to God.

Question 8

Habakkuk’s first question was:

Question 9

According to the textbook, Zephaniah’s ministry reminds us of the importance of preaching which confronts evil, calls for repentance, and leads to revival.

Question 20

One poem in Lamentations portrays Jerusalem as a grieving widow mourning her destruction.

Question 21

Amos concluded his prophecies of unrelenting judgment with a message of hope concerning Israel’s future restoration. God promised:

Question 22

According to our textbook, the overall theme of Daniel is God’s sovereignty over the people of Israel and the nations of the world.

Question 23

_________ is the shortest book in the Old Testament.

Question 24

The Babylonians allowed Jeremiah to remain in the land of Judah, and he ministered there until he and his scribe Baruch were kidnapped by a faction of Jews and taken away as hostages to Egypt.

Question 25

In Malachi, God denounces His people by raising the question of

Question 26

Jeremiah prophesied until Judah’s last days as a nation and warned of the coming Babylonian exile as the Lord’s punishment for Judah’s sins.

Question 27

According to the textbook, the New Testament explains that John the Baptist is the fulfillment of the messenger prophesied by Malachi.

Question 28

Lamentations reveals that, as the Divine Warrior, the Lord poured out His anger on the city of Jerusalem. However, He would not abandon the Temple for it was His own sanctuary.

Question 29

Luke 22:37 quotes from Isa 53:12 (“And he was numbered with the transgressors”) as evidence that Jesus is Isaiah’s suffering servant.

Question 40

The ultimate fulfillment of the Immanuel prophecy in Isaiah was the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, who was literally God incarnate and who would preserve the line of David forever.

Question 47

According to Micah, because the rich deprived the poor of their land, the Lord would now do the same to them.

Question 48

In Zechariah, the Lord promised that He would “return” to His people if they would “return” to Him.

Question 49

Daniel was thrown into a lion’s den because he refused to stop praying.

Question 50

Daniel and his three friends were not able to keep their kosher diet while serving the king.