BIBL 104 Quiz 6 Answers Liberty University | Complete Answers

BIBL 104 Quiz 6 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1

Paul’s evangelistic ministry on his second missionary journey was so successful among the Gentiles that a public demonstration broke out. It was led by a silversmith idol makers whose business losses were extensive because of the great number of Christian converts.

Question 2

Jewish authorities finally arrested Paul at __________ where he defended himself before the Sanhedrin.

Question 3

In ______________ on their first missionary journey, Paul and Barnabas were mistaken for gods.

Question 4

Who did Paul raise from the dead.

Question 5

The book of Acts is filled with gospel preaching, including sermons by Peter, __________, and Paul.

Question 6

The book of Acts includes twenty-three ___________ which make up one-third of the book.

Question 7

According to our textbook, the key word for the book of Acts is “_________.” It is used more than thirty times.

Question 8

________________ was responsible for leading Cornelius and a number of other Gentiles to faith in Jesus Christ.

Question 9

The author of Acts is clearly not an eyewitness of much of what he writes about.

Question 10

Paul asked ________________ to join him in his work at Lystra while on his second missionary journey.

Question 11

According to our textbook, what is the key verse for the book of Acts?

Question 12

According to our textbook, there are five key ideas in the book of Acts. _____________ is one of these ideas.

Question 13

Luke was a

Question 14

On his third missionary journey, Paul establishes churches in ___________ where he also writes 1 & 2 Corinthians.

Question 15

According to our textbook, there are five key ideas in the book of Acts. _____________ is one of these ideas.

Question 16

The convert Saul would eventually exchange his Jewish name for the Greco-Roman name ___________, as he expanded his ministry to the Gentiles.

Question 17

Church leadership in Acts consisted of deacons but not elders.

Selected Answer: FalseQuestion 18

In __________ on his second missionary journey, Paul speaks to the Areopagus.

Question 19

______________ became the first Christian martyred for preaching the gospel.

Question 20

According to our textbook, the Acts of the Apostles” isn’t a survey of the ministry of all twelve disciples; rather it is about ____________ and _____________.

Question 21

The textbook argues that the book of Acts could be called “_________________” rather than “The Acts of the Apostles.

Question 22

In the Old Testament, God’s glory dwelt in a tabernacle and in the temple, but in the New Testament God’s Spirit lives in the lives of believers.

Question 23

While at Perga on his first missionary journey, _____________ left and returned to Jerusalem while Paul and Barnabas went on.

Question 24

On his second missionary journey, Paul receives a vision at ________ that encourages him to travel to Macedonia.

Question 25

The Jerusalem Council happened between Paul’s second and third missionary journey.