BIBL 104 Quiz 7 Answers Liberty University | Complete Answers

BIBL 104 Quiz 7 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1

In First Corinthians, Paul contrasted the permanence of love to the temporary nature of

Question 2

Paul’s instructs the Corinthians that his perspective on the Gospel ministry includes the idea that knowing the fear of God moves the minister to persuade unsaved people to become


Question 3

In order to demonstrate the self-sacrifice and humility of Jesus, Paul boasted in his weakness rather than his strength in 2 Corinthians.

Question 4

The dominant theme of 2 Timothy is Timothy’s departure from the truth which Paul was seeking to correct.

Question 5

Some scholars believe that the absence of personal greetings in Ephesians suggests that neither did Paul found the church in Ephesus nor did he know anyone in the church.

Question 6

Paul encourages Titus to exhort with sound doctrine in order to produce good Christian behavior.

Question 7

In Colossians, Paul seems to sum up the Colossian heresy of gnosis calling it, “Philosophy and empty deceit based on human tradition, based on the elemental forces of the world.”

Question 8

In First Corinthians Paul address three moral issues in the church. One of these is the issue

Question 9

Throughout 2 Corinthians Paul includes the story of _____________.

Question 10

Paul’s instructs the Corinthians that his perspective on the Gospel ministry includes the idea that the minister accepts his weakness because of the opportunities it affords.

Question 21

According to Paul in Galatians, the law was also “our guardian” to lead us to Christ.

Question 22

In _______________, Paul cites an early Christian hymn in order to explain the preeminence of Christ.

Question 23

In Galatians Paul says the Galatian Christians have gone to a completely different kind of gospel.

Question 24

According to the textbook, Paul’s pastoral letters emphasize the importance of

Question 25

Paul’s epistle to the Romans is not Paul’s most extensive theological writing. That claim belongs to Galatians - Paul’s epistle to the church in Galatia.

Question 26

In 2 Thessalonians Paul assures the believers that God will take vengeance on their persecutors and will be glorified over them at the end of the age.

Question 27

In Galatians, Paul notes that the hypocritical actions of one apostle had caused ___________ to be led astray.

Question 28

In First Corinthians, Paul believed that the Corinthian Christians were still fleshly. They were still controlled by the flesh, and living like the unsaved, according to human wisdom.

Question 29

One of Paul’s principal achievement was that he was the main leader in extending the church into Asia Minor and Greece, becoming known as the premier apostle to the Gentiles.

Question 40

According to the textbook, to keep him from exalting himself, God gave him a thorn in the flesh.

Question 41

In order to “not carry out the desire of the flesh,” Paul urges the Galatians to

Question 49

In 1 Timothy Paul describes the qualifications of a bishop. He lists both jobs within the church that they must undertake as well as inner character they must possess.

Question 50

According to Paul in Romans, the presence of the indwelling Holy Spirit has set believers free from the law and the rule of sin and death.