BIOL 101 Quiz 1 Answers Liberty University | Complete Answers

BIOL 101 Quiz 1 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1 A total of 679 leaves fell from trees kept at 10°C, whereas only 83 leaves fell from those kept at 32°C. This is an example of:

Question 2 In a water molecule, the ______ bond between the oxygen and a hydrogen atom is _______ because the shared electrons orbit closer to the larger oxygen atom.

Question 3 An ion is an “atom” that has

Question 4 Which of the following is one of our “Principles of life” in this course?

Question 5 When an atom loses an electron, it becomes a positively charged

Question 6 Within a water molecule, the electrons spend most of their time attracted more closely to

Question 7 The vast diversity of living things, and their structural complexity are two reasons why

Question 8 Examples of design in nature lead many to believe there is a purpose lying behind the design. This idea is best captured in the term

Question 9 Many evolutionists believe that Pakicetus, a terrestrial mammal, is the evolutionary ancestor of modern whales because Pakicetus fossils are found below whale fossils in the geologic column. This belief is an example of:

Question 10 Which of the following is not a “Principle of Life” on which this course in BIOL 101 is based?

Question 11 Which of the following statement about atoms is true?

Question 12 What is one limitation scientists face in being sure they possess scientific “truth”?

Question 13 Which of the following questions would be virtually impossible to address using the scientific method?

Question 14 In traditional Western culture, one widely accepted source of truth was __________ and another, more derived source of truth is ___________.

Question 15 ___________ are larger molecules assembled from simpler building blocks called ____________.

Question 16 Neutrons are located within the ________ of the atom.

Question 17 Recall the study on prayer for heart patients described in your text. Which of the following would be the hardest thing to control for?

Question 18 Which of the following is a “Principle of Life” on which this course in BIOL 101 is based?

Question 19 Electrons are arranged within spherical ________ arranged in concentric ________ in the structure of atoms.

Question 20 Plants and Animals are examples of major groups or organisms within a

Question 21 In the arrangement of particles within any atom, the outermost sort of particle is always the

Question 22 A skillful scientist can use a well­asked question to fashion a testable

Question 23 Decreases in oxygen level at high altitudes cause hemoglobin levels in the bloodstream to rise because

Question 24 Tadpoles raised in water with atrazine levels of 0.1 ppb should produce a higher percentage of male frogs with gonadal abnormalities than those raised in pure water. This statement is an example of:

Question 25 The process that is not recognized as an element of the scientific method is