BIOL 101 Quiz 6 Answers Liberty University | Complete Answers

BIOL 101 Quiz 6 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1 Which of the following are involved in the control of sperm cell production?

Question 2 Which of the following methods by which human conception can be postponed is least invasive of the complexity of human physiology?

Question 3 One effect of melatonin on the suprachiasmatic nuclei is that it

Question 4 One major advantage of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction is that in sexual reproduction

Question 5 The mature egg, once ruptured from its follicle is swept into the _____________ by finger­like fringes called __________.

Question 6 The human nervous system responds to daily alterations in light and darkness by

Question 7 The quintessential (most basic/ most important) moment of fertilization of the egg by the sperm cell occurs when

Question 8 The phrase, “two homologous sets of genes” means

Question 9 The human nervous system responds to daily alterations in light and darkness by

Question 10 Which of the following is a biological approach to determining when a mother and her conceptus become separate individuals?

Question 11 Early in your own development, a subset of diploid cells called ____________ began to develop within your pre­ectodermal tissue. These cells will eventually lodge in the gonadal ridge. Still later they will go through meiosis and give rise to primary oocytes or primary spermatocytes.

Question 12 Which of the following is an example of asexual reproduction in plants?

Question 13 How does a Venus fly trap close? Once expansin has weakened the cellulose in the walls of the leaf trap cells,

Question 14 In a normal person, the effect of elevated leptin levels in the bloodstream is

Question 15 For about half of a woman’s monthly cycle, the hormone ________ leaves the pituitary gland and, at the ovary, signals it to bring a more advanced _________ to complete maturity.

Question 16 Order the structures by which a mature sperm cell travels from the epididymis to the female’s reproductive tract.

Question 17 Which of the following birth control methods is primarily contraceptive and secondarily abortive in its effects?

Question 18 In the human body, melatonin supplementation is thought to help overcome the effects of

Question 19 Dilation of the cervix is a chemical procedure that

Question 20 Homeostasis can be described as:

Question 21 A mature follicle has formed which of the following structures?

Question 22 Aristotle, the “Father of Biology”, believed that a human being became a person

Question 23 When there is little or no lactose present in a bacterium’s environment then:

Question 24 The suprachiasmatic nuclei enable the nervous system to respond to daily light/dark alterations through their stimulation of

Question 25 In the human body, decreasing melatonin levels