BIOL 101 Quiz 9 Answers Liberty University | Complete Answers

BIOL 101 Quiz 9 Answers Liberty University

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The question will give you 12 statements regarding the church and its relationship to the environment as discussed in the document "Ecological Encounters". You are to select the five statements that best represent the views of the individual designated as "You" in the document. Partial credit will be given for each of the five statements you select. Negative credit will be given for selection of statements that most clearly contradict the views "you" hold.


A good summary of Jesus’ Great Commission would be to preach the gospel until every ear has heard it.

Environmental stewardship should be included in the church’s discipleship program because church members often don’t intuitively know how best to steward their environment.

A good summary of Jesus’ Great Commission would be to go into all the world and make disciples.

Once a person becomes a believer, they just naturally begin to wonder how to better steward the environment God has placed them in.

Which five of the following statements best represents the views of the student designated as "you" in the document "Ecological Encounters"?

Part of Christian discipleship is to remind church members of how to best maintain their physical bodies for service and honor of Christ.

The church should embrace the environmental stewardship issue; it should be the church’s principle priority in these selfish times.

The church should include environmental stewardship in its discipleship program along with financial stewardship, time management and crisis care.

The best way to reach the church membership with a serious discipleship issue is to use morning worship time to tie the issue to the broader teachings of the faith.