BUSI 201 Test 3 Liberty University Answers

Add a hyperlink that will navigate to Slide 8 (the Doggie and Me Shampoo slide) when clicked. Have the text read (More Information).

Add a text box below the photographs. Add the text Coming in 2017 When you are done, click anywhere on the slide.

Add the Chime sound to the slide transition.

Add the text 6 New Products as the title text for the slide. When you are done, click outside the text placeholder.

Add WordArt to the presentation that reads New. Use the first option in the first row of the gallery. When you are done, click outside the text box.

Create a new presentation based on the Organic template. Use the default color scheme

Hide the fourth slide in the presentation.

Insert a clustered column chart to the document. Replace Category 1 with Diamond Scrub. Replace Category 2 with Fizzies. Replace Series 1with Projected Sales. Replace 4.3 with 22,440. Replace 2.5 with 84,320. When you are done, close the Chart in Microsoft PowerPoint dialog.

Open the Online Pictures dialog and search for pictures of facial using the Bing search engine. Insert the photograph of the woman with a green face mask.

Share the document with kendishner@hhspa.com and include the message Please proofread and edit. The recipient should be able to edit the document.

Add a Picture Accent Process SmartArt diagram to the slide. It is the first option in the second row of the Process category in the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog.

Add a Picture Caption List SmartArt diagram to the slide. It is the third option in the first row of the List category in the Choose a SmartArt Graphicdialog. Add the text Fizzies to the first box on the left.

Add a new comment to the slide that reads Change to a numbered list. When you are finished, close the Comments task pane.

Add a Home Action Button to the lower left corner of the slide. Have the button navigate to the first slide in the presentation when clicked.

Apply the Marker artistic effect to the picture. It is the second option in the first row of the gallery

Change the picture to have +20% Brightness and -20% Contrast.

Change the slide so it will automatically advance after waiting for 7 seconds. Do not have the slide advance when clicked.

Compress the media in the presentation for presentation quality.

Create a new photo album with the images spa1, spa2, spa3, and spa4. Reorder the images so spa1 is below spa2 and then spa4 is above spa3.

Create a new presentation from the HOH Sales Template template.

Display the Notes pane and add the note Give specific release date for each product to Slide 2. When you are finished switch to Notes Page view.

Export the presentation as a PDF file. Name the new file New Products Slides. Have the file open after publishing.

Export the presentation as a video using the Internet Quality option. Name the video New Products Video and save the presentation as a video.

Switch to Slide Master view. Change the second-level bullet in the slide master to use the Hollow Round Bullets style.

Trim the audio clip to start at 3.3 seconds and end at 10.7 seconds.

Ungroup the selected images.

Use the Reuse Slides task pane to add the three slides in order from the HOH Sales presentation to the end of this presentation.