BUSI 240 Connect Homework Chapter 10 Answers Liberty University

Which of the following statements about power are true? (Check all that apply)

The type of power that may be based on charisma is power.

Power in motion, or any behavior designed to change someone’s attitudes or behavior, is known as .

An example of barriers formed by social networks is .

Lee has been able to convince his friends to see the movie he wants to see by explaining why they will all like it better and that the price is lower than the other choices. He is using which influence tactic?

Filtering information upwards to middle managers so your work group looks better is an example of .

Which of the following are ways to minimize organizational politics? (Check all that apply)

Riz wants to make some changes to the company break room policy, but he doesn’t have the power to make those changes. He talks to others in his department and is able to persuade them to join his cause. Which of the following best explains what Riz has done?

Bill is selling vacuum cleaners and always explains to customers that the product he sells is more expensive than other brands but does a better job. This is an example of the persuasion tactic known as .

Jaime is the only one who is able to reprogram the robots needed for production of a key part. His power in the company is greater than his formal position based on .

Rafael helped Sandy finish a project last week. Sandy is now helping Rafael with a difficult client. The sense of obligation Sandy felt to help Rafael in return is known as .

The capacity of a person, team, or organization to influence others is the definition of .

The sources of power that originate mostly from a person’s formal position in an organization include ____ power.

Legitimate power is based on a person’s _____.

Janeen taught a class for her colleague when he was ill last month. He now feels an obligation to do the same for her. This is an example of _____.

The control of information creates power because _____.

John’s supervisor, Jilleen, recognizes that he is working long hours and produces more than others by giving him extra time off. This is an example of _____.

The ability to cope with uncertainty in the environment is an important source of _____ power.

The type of power that originates within the person, that develops slowly, and is based on interpersonal skills is _____ power.

An example of _____ is when employees are replaced by technology to produce a product more cheaply.

When the only manager of a retail store able to open it for business is late to work and business is lost, it is an example of _____

A problem that telecommuters have in generating power is their lack of _____ because they are seldom seen in the office.

An example of _____ as a contingency of power is the frequent complaint of middle managers that they have limited power to make decisions without approval from upper management.

Social structures of individuals or social units that are connected to each other through one or more forms of interdependence are known as _____

The sharing of resources, information, trust, and knowledge among those in a social network created legitimate power.