BUSI 240 Connect Homework Chapter 11 Answers Liberty University

A negotiator from a highly collectivist culture is likely to approach conflict differently than one from a low collectivist, more individualist culture.

Men tend to have a short-term orientation and are more willing to use a approach in conflict-handling situations.

The belief that those in conflict will find a mutually beneficial solution to their disagreement is a(n) orientation to managing the conflict.

Bob's perception that Emily's production schedule will make it harder for his group to meet goals is a potential source of , whether he is right or not.

One recommended way to reduce conflict over scarce resources is to those resources.

A source of conflict between departments during budget deliberations is .

Negotiators are likely to act more assertively and competitively if .

The negative consequences of conflict include .

Strategies for creating value in a negotiation include .

Kemoy has been told to reduce costs by cutting sales personnel, but then he won’t have enough people to reach the increased sales goals. This is an example of .

Resolving a conflict at the other party's expense, often using "hard" influence tactics is .

Reducing task can reduce conflict.

Which of the following would provide the most appropriate negotiation setting for both parties?

A method of using a neutral third party to resolve a conflict that has high control over the final decision but not over the intervention process is .

The process in which one party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another is ____

The dominant view of conflict in organizations has been that it _____

Dominic has disagreed with his team’s plan for achieving their new sales target because it would require the production department to pay more overtime. This is an example of _____

Whereas task conflict focuses on the issues, _____ conflict focuses on the characteristics of individuals.

According to the Conflict Process Model, the sources of conflict include _____. (check all that apply)

To meet her sales quota, Genzebe is trying to get a new customer. Genzebe promises a faster delivery time than her competitors to attract the potential customer. The head of production says he can’t deliver by then because it will cost his department more and decrease their efficiency. This is an example of conflict created by _____

Engineers and sales people may share a common goal but have dissimilar ideas about how best to reach the goal. This type of conflict is known as _____

Rank these types of task interdependence with the type that creates the MOST conflict listed at the top and the type that creates the LEAST conflict listed at the bottom.

Demands of stockholders for a larger share of profits often conflicts with those of employees who want increases in pay. This is a classic example of conflict over _____.

There is more conflict during mergers and acquisitions because _____.

One way communication contributes to conflict is that lack of opportunity to communicate leads to reliance on _____.