BUSI 240 Connect Homework Chapter 12 Answers Liberty University

The contingency perspective of leadership requires that managers use their own favored style in all situations.

Leaders who focus on clarifying tasks and setting goals are task-oriented leaders, while those who are concerned with asking employees’ opinions and considering their needs are -oriented leaders.

Transformational leaders are those who act as change agents by inspiring others to achieve through . (Check all that apply)

Match the path-goal leadership style (on the left) with the appropriate leader behaviors (on the right).

Categorize the appropriate leadership traits to the leadership perspective. Drag each item into the appropriate category. Click on an item to send it to the back of the stack. macro-focused and abstract, leading, not managing, assumes organizational objectives are misaligned with the environment, assumes organizational objectives are aligned with the environment, micro-focused and concrete, managing, not leading

Match the leadership competency (on the left) to the correct description (on the right). understanding of the business and its environment, positive evaluation of ability to reach objects, motivation to achieve goals, high levels of extroversion

Transformational leaders support a learning orientation by . (Check all that apply)

Research has shown that transformational leaders make a difference because employees .

An important point about charismatic leadership and transformational leadership is that . (Check all that apply)

The idea that leaders meet preconceived ideas of features and behaviors of leaders that form prototypes is part of the .

Effective transformational leaders communicate strategic visions to followers and other stakeholders .

The situational leadership theory developed by Hersey and Blanchard identifies four quadrants that require different leadership styles: telling, selling, participating, and delegating. The quadrants are based on .

The CEO of XCorp, a fuel oil company, has involved employees at all levels in developing a new vision, logo, and brand image for the company representing its commitment to alternative fuels. She has consistently made decisions that support investing in new energy technologies, which have generated excitement and motivated the company’s employees and Board of Directors. The CEO of XCorp is .

Women adopt participative leadership styles more easily than men because .

The election of Barack Obama to the office of President of the United States changed the leadership of many people in this country.

1.sets challenging goals, continuously seeks improvement in performance, and shows high levels of confidence in employees

2.which refers to how well leaders are aware of, feel comfortable with, and act consistently with their values, personality, and self-concept

3.is a personal trait or relational quality that provides referent power over followers, whereas transformational leadership is a set of behaviors that engage followers toward a better future

4.similar to task-oriented style, which clarifies goals, standards, rewards, and punishments

5.motivation to achieve goals

6.leader effectiveness depends on whether the person's natural leadership style is appropriately matched to the situation