BUSI 240 Connect Homework Chapter 13 Answers Liberty University

The formal hierarchy is also known as .

An organization made up of many self-managed work teams reporting to each manager is likely to be a ____ organization.

Advantages of the functional organization structure include which of the following?

A bakery owner has divided the work into selling, baking, and decorating. The bakers and decorators are each doing a specific subset of all the tasks needed to produce cakes. This is known as job .

A boat-building company has divided its work groups into those that do the interior woodwork, work on the electrical systems, and paint. Each group schedules its own employees, maintains inventory, and coordinates with other work units. Which organizational structure is this company using?

An important element of all formal organization structures is .

Xtron is a company with few rules and procedures and prides itself on empowering lower level employees to be nimble and responsive to its customers’ rapidly changing needs. Xtron can be described as a(n) company.

Tonya is a production engineer in a company that manufactures office furniture. She often meets with Robert from the marketing group to be sure that product features are represented accurately. Tonya and Robert work in a company with a organizational structure.

Organizations may use both centralization and decentralization in different parts of the organization.

An advantage of the team-based organizational structure is .

The organizational structure that is built around self-directed work groups that complete an entire piece of work is a structure.

Billie is in the advertising department of a large consumer products company and coordinates with the people in manufacturing and with the engineers in product development to create timely and successful campaigns. Which type of organizational structure does Billie’s company have?

4.Most of the decisions in organizations are made by a few people at the top of the organization.

5.a core is a knowledge base that resides throughout an organization and provides a strategic advantage.

6.the element of organizational structure that specifies how employees and their activities are grouped together is .

7.the element of organizational structure that frames the membership of work groups, who must share resources, and interdependencies between groups is .

8.the subdivision of work into separate jobs assigned to different people is the .

9.advantages of a network organizational structure include

10.the division of labor requires that organizations coordinate work using such mechanisms as .

11.Elena's span of control is defined by the of people she supervises

12.for an organization whose strategy must fit a rapidly changing environment and whose core competency is innovation, a _________ structure would be more competitive

13.contingencies of organizational design include what?

14.the division of labor, patterns of communication, coordination, and workflow that direct organizational activities is a(n) .

15.an organization that has a narrower span of control will require more supervisor, which creates a ______ organization structure

The contingencies of organizational design include .