BUSI 240 Connect Homework Chapter 14 Answers Liberty University

The repetitive, programmed routines of daily organizational life are known as

__________ are the stable, evaluative beliefs that guide our preferences for outcomes or courses of action.

The stress that results when employees perceive discrepancies between their preemployment expectations and on-the-job experience is .

A corporate slogan is one way organizations use organizational to express corporate values.

An adaptive culture is one that sees things from a(n) perspective.

An organizational culture with employees who are receptive to internal change and continue to adjust to a changing environment has a(n) .

Forming successful relationships with people who can “show them the ropes” is part of .

Countercultures are subcultures that have values and assumptions that .

Basing individuals rewards on organizational performance goals and reinforcing the goals through weekly contests in an example of using to change or strengthen organizational culture.

The way visitors are greeted, how employees communicate with each other, whether employees typically bring lunch or go out to lunch together are all examples of an organization’s .

The corporate culture at Zappos encourages customer service and teamwork, while Netflix values individual performance and has a more competitive environment. This is an example of

When the merging companies are in unrelated industries or different countries, the strategy requiring a minimal exchange of culture or organizational practices is .

Having a stable workforce with low turnover is important to maintaining a strong organizational culture because .

An audit that diagnoses cultural relations between merging companies to determine the potential for conflict is known as a audit.

A company with a very strong, cult-like culture can undermine company effectiveness because .

The activities in preemployement socialization include .

Many mergers or acquisitions fail because corporate leaders .

The most appropriate strategy for merging corporate cultures when the acquired company has a weak, dysfunctional culture and the acquiring company is strong and aligned with the external environment is .

Before Abels Enterprises acquired a new firm, it sent a team to the new firm for a period of several months to study the company’s culture and management practices. This is an example of a(n) audit.

An organization’s culture can be understood by .

When each of the merging companies has a relatively weak culture and they share several overlapping values, ____ preserves elements of both cultures in developing a new one.

Mergers between entities with incompatible cultures .

The activities in the stage of the organizational socialization process known as role management include

Which of the following is true of the relationship between an organization’s dominant values and its employees’ ethical practices?

Transactional psychological contracts are those that have .

An example of a shared is that in companies that value innovation, risks will be taken and mistakes will be made.

Organizations naturally tend to attract, select, and retain people with values and characteristics similar to those of the organization because it .