BUSI 240 Connect Homework Chapter 3 Answers Liberty University

An old song states, "you've got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and latch on to the affirmative." This is most closely associated with .

Elena failed her last test. She blamed it on the fact that the test was unfair and the room was too noisy for her to concentrate, not that she didn't study for the test. Elena .

our tendency to take a positive view of ourselves is referred to as .

Lakeisha believes that all men are poor listeners. This is an example of .

An individual's ability to perceive, know about and process information across cultures is referred to as

The process that describes how we develop causal explanations for behaviors or outcomes is referred to as

the perceptual effect that occurs when people overestimate the extent to which others share their beliefs is known as the

The effect occurs when one predominant characteristic of a person distorts our general impression of him or her.

identity is derived from an individual’s unique attributes, whereas his or her social identity results from association with other people.

You see a group of young adults standing outside of a church on Sunday morning and assume that they have just come from Sunday services. This is an example of.

The rules of attribution are consistency, distinctiveness, and.

A recent study showed that 8 out of 10 drivers rated themselves as above-average drivers. This is likely the result of.

The perceptual process through which we assign characteristics to a certain group and then assume that group members possess those characteristics is referred to as.

Which of the following statements is true about developing global mindset?

is the process of receiving information about and making sense of the world around us.

Which of the following is used to address discrimination by making people aware of systematic discrimination and prejudices that occur through stereotyping?

Our tendency to quickly form an opinion of a person based on the first information we receive about him or her is referred to as the effect.

Which of the following illustrated the first step in the self-fulfilling prophecy?

The process involves deciding whether an event is caused by internal factors or by the environment.

An individual’s self-beliefs and self-evaluations refer to his or her

The Johari Window Model divides information about you into four windows: hidden, unknown, blind and areas.

The three dimensions of a person’s self-concept are complexity, consistency and.

As part of the perceptual process, we put people and objects into preconceived categories that are stored in our long-term memory. This process is known as.

Despite the fact that he has performed well for most of the year, an employee’s annual performance review is heavily influenced by his poor attendance during the past month. This is due to the recency effect.

The occurs when our expectations about another person cause him or her to act in a way that is consistent with those expectations.

Lakeisha believes that men are poor listeners. This is an example of.

Diversity awareness training programs have been proven to be very successful in eliminating stereotypes and biases.