BUSI 240 Connect Homework Chapter 5 Answers Liberty University

According to the four-drive theory, are the source of human motivation. (Remember to type only one word in the blank.)

Match the type of consequence (on the left) with its description (on the right). occurs when the introduction of a consequence increases or maintains the frequency of a specific behavior, occurs when the removal or avoidance of a consequence increases or maintains the frequency or future probability of a specific behavior, occurs when the target behavior decreases because no consequence follows it, occurs when a consequence decreases the frequency of a specific behavior

Hardwired characteristics of the brain that attempt to keep us in balance by correcting deficiencies are known as , or primary needs.

an employee who initially thinks she is underpaid compared to her cubicle mate but changes her mind after seeing how many hours her coworker puts in is taking which action to reduce the inequity tension?

which of the following is the best example of a variable ratio schedule of reinforcement?

an organization can influence employees' drive to by implementing team-building programs and providing opportunities for workers to interact socially.

Jake is confident that, if he practices guitar for a year, he will improve.

When she was late for the second day in a row, Tiana received a written warning from her boss, stating that her pay would be docked if she was late again. This warning is an example of a(n)

When James started his new job, he had to work alongside an experienced coworker, watching how she did the job and then performing the tasks under supervision. Which component of social cognitive theory does this illustrate?

Reinforcement that occurs when an employee has control over a reinforcer but doesn't “take” it until completing a self-set goal is known as .

which of the following strategies would be most appropriate if an organization wanted to improve the employees' expected value of outcomes?

the main implication of four-drive theory is that .

A person's perceived probability that his or her effort will result in a particular level of performance is referred to as .

Alice has just learned that her coworker, who has less experience and less education, is earning more than she does. Alice decides that, from now on, she’s going to “take it easy” on the job instead of trying so hard to do a good job. Alice is reducing inequity tension by .

A few minute before a scheduled conference call, Laura received a meeting reminder in her Microsoft Outlook account. This reminder is an example of a(n) .

Professional development programs and educational courses would influence employees' drive to

According to the four-drive theory, the four drives that give rise to emotions and human motivation are independent of one another.

In terms of equity theory, which of the following would be considered inputs?

The perceived fairness of our outcomes versus our contributions compared to the outcomes and contributions of others is known as justice.

Rank the categories of needs in Maslow’s hierarchy with the highest level of needs on the top and the most basic level of needs on the bottom.