BUSI 240 Connect Homework Chapter 7 Answers Liberty University

Place the following steps in the rational decision-making process in the correct order, with the first step at the top. identify and develop a list of possible alternatives, or solutions Evaluate whether the solution has effectively addressed the problem or opportunity Choose the alternative with the highest subjective expected utility

Match each of the rules for design thinking (on the left) with a description (on the right) of its application in finding solutions. Involve several people to come with possible solutions Question and refine the stated problem Review past solutions Tolerate failure, but embrace a learning orientation

The concept that decision makers process limited and imperfect information and rarely select the best choice is referred to as .

Joachin is the sales manager of a large car dealership. He wants to increase sales significantly over the next 12 months, and he and his staff have brainstormed several ideas to achieve this. Joachim now has to choose among these alternative. Joachim is involved in the process of ______

The tendency to define problems in terms of a preferred solution happens because _____

One of the problems with problem identification is that organizational decisions and actions are influenced by what attracts a manager’s attention, rather than what is truly important. This is known as _____

We have a tendency to protect ourselves against threat to our self-concepts by blocking out bad news. This is referred to as _____

How do mental models affect the decision-making process?

An organizational culture that discourages complacency and satisfaction with the status quo is referred to as _____

____ is the idea that, in decision-making, people are limited by their ability process information, their cognitive abilities, and the finite amount of time they have to make decisions.

The alternative that the decision maker prefers and that is used as a comparison with other choices is referred to as the ____

Sherri had never traveled to New York City before, but she had been on recent business trips to Albuquerque and Phoenix. When she learned that the price of the hotel room she wanted was $260 per night, she was shocked because she thought that NY hotels would be priced similarly to those in NM and AZ. This is an example of the ______

Janys was planning a trip to the beach. However, she recently saw a frightening video of a shark attack and she now thinks it is likely that there will be a shark attack at the beach. This is an example of ______

“If it looks like a duck, quacks like a ducks, and walks like a duck, it’s probably a duck” is an example of the ____

The rational choice paradigm complete ignores the effect of ____ in human decision making

The ability to know when a problem or opportunity exists and to select the best course of action without conscious reasoning is referred to as _____

Mercy Hospital has developed a detailed set of plans to safeguard patients, staff, and hospital assets in the event of catastrophic situations, such as airplane crashes or terror attacks. This is an example of ______