BUSI 240 Connect Homework Chapter 8 Answers Liberty University

Match the type of team trust with its description. Based on mutual understanding and an emotional bond among team members. Based on the premise that team members will act appropriately because they will otherwise face sanctions. Based on the predictability of another team member’s behavior

Social loafing is more likely to occur when employees .

Which of the following describe characteristics of teams?

Which of the following are ways approaches to avoid social loafing on teams?

Employees’ drive to motivates them to fulfill the goals of the groups to which they belong.

The more similar the background, interests, attitudes, and values of team members are, the more the team tends to be.

A method to improve team decision making that relies on networked computers to submit and share creative ideas is referred to as .

Informal groups are differentiated from teams in that

Informal team roles are established as a result of formal job responsibilities.

Laurel was frustrated after the fund raising committee meeting because only one member was allowed to speak at a time, and she couldn’t find an opportune time to voice her concerns or ask questions. Laurel has experienced:

Which of the following is a major shortcoming of team-building activities?

Teams tend to have more cohesion when .

Toby had some ideas on how her group should address its class project, but she was reluctant to speak up during their meeting because she was afraid that her ideas might seem silly and the other members would be judging her. This is an example of:

One of the dangers of team efficacy is that it causes team members to .

When employees first join a team, they often have a moderate or high level of trust in their new coworkers, known as trust.

Which of the following statements are true about informal groups in an organization?

All groups are teams, but not all teams are groups.

Team performance may suffer when there is considerable turnover in the ranks, because new members need to “learn the ropes.” This is an example of _____

The premise of ______ is that adding more people to a late project only makes it later.

The tendency for people in a group to put less effort into a task when the effort is pooled compared to when they are responsible for their own work is known as _____

Which of the following are situations that help lead to social loafing?

Reducing the size of the team and measuring each team member’s performance are ways in which an organization can _____

Elements of the organizational and team environment that impact the effectiveness of a team include:

_____ is the extent to which the work performed by one member of a group affects what other members do.

As a general rule, as the level of task interdependence _____, the need to organize people into teams _____.

Advantages of smaller teams include _____

According to the Five C’s model of an effective team, which of the following competencies primarily assists in team maintenance, such as resolving interpersonal conflict?