BUSI 240 Quiz 5 Liberty University Answers

· Question 1

2 out of 2 points

The ________ stage is marked by interpersonal conflict as members become more proactive and compete for various team roles.

· Question 2

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Social loafing occurs

· Question 4

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Two company divisions produce completely different products but must seek funding from the same head office for a capital expansion project. The relationship between these two divisions would be best described as

· Question 5

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________ is a strategy that can be quite effective at generating creative ideas with minimal production blocking, evaluation apprehension, or conformity problems.

· Question 6

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A role is a set of behaviors that people are expected to perform because

· Question 7

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The main reason teams become overconfident is because

· Question 8

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The team has developed its first real sense of cohesion and a consensus forms during which stage?

· Question 9

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Teams with strong fault lines

· Question 10

Which one of the following is an environmental driver?

· Question 11

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Team efficacy can cause team members to be ________ their decisions.

· Question 12

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In which decision-making structure do participants typically meet, but only interact with each other during two of the three steps of the process?

· Question 13

Effective communication occurs when

· Question 14

The other difference between verbal and nonverbal communication is that the former is typically conscious, whereas most nonverbal communication is

· Question 15

The extent to which communication channels require or allow both sender and receiver to be actively involved in the conversation at the same time is called

· Question 16

Buffering, summarizing, and omitting are ways to

· Question 17

Emotional contagion occurs when

· Question 18

2 out of 2 points

Which of the following is true about the organizational grapevine?

· Question 19

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Email and other forms of written digital communication potentially reduce stereotyping and prejudice because the

· Question 20

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Which of the following communication channels has the highest media richness?

· Question 22

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Unlike traditional websites that merely "push" information from the creator to the audience, ________ are more conversational and reciprocally interactive between sender and receiver, resulting in a sense of community.

· Question 23

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The sender and receiver encode and decode more effectively when they have similar

· Question 25

Scenario D At the end of a long meeting with many new people, four people are overheard having a heated conversation. Isabel and Linda are debating the project outcomes. Pietro keeps interrupting them trying to share his opinions, and Yuki is standing with her arms folded waiting for her chance to speak. Yuki is from Japan, so she views Pietro's reaction as