BUSI 300 Quiz 4 Liberty University Answers

A short update on a current project requested during a meeting without advance notice is an example of a(n) _____.

Danny, a manager at Westport Inc., is in charge of creating and presenting a report of a plan for building a new office in a city. He plans to make the presentation interesting by gaining the attention of the entire audience effectively. Which of the following is an attention-getting technique he can use?

Which of the following is true of the closing of a presentation?

A(n) _____ is a presentation in which a speaker plans, prepares, and rehearses but does not write everything down.

The speed at which words are spoken is called _____.

Which of the following guidelines should you follow when speaking to culturally diverse audiences?

As a general rule, audiences do not want to be in tune with a speaker during a presentation.

Which of the following guidelines should be followed by an organization during a crisis briefing?

Tying the closing to the introduction weakens the unity of a presentation.

Rules of business etiquette remain the same with people of different cultures.

Which of the following specializes in placing a candidate in a position on a temporary basis until he or shefinds a full-time job?

Which of the following is the first step of the process of applying for a job?

While applying for a job, you have conducted an analysis of yourself, career, and job; identified a job; prepared a targeted résumé and application message; and have supplemented your résumé with a video recording. Which of the following should you do next to complete the process of applying for a job?

Interview with companies.

To avoid a tone of egotism in a résumé, _____.

The chronological résumé is a less effective format for applicants who

A functional résumé could be best for you when:

Which of the following résumés is becoming the preferred choice as fear of computer viruses and daily email overload prevent employers from opening attachments?

Which of the following is a collection of artifacts that demonstrate your communication, people, and technical skills?

An application message:

In a functional résumé, points of primary interest to employers—transferable skills—appear in major headings.

Which of the following is true of phone interviews?

Pre-interview planning on the part of an interviewee involves:

According to a UNESCO report of employer views, _____ are hard skills that are essential for workers in today's business climate.

Questions designed to understand why an interviewee wants to work for a particular organization are known as _____.

Which of the following should an interviewee focus on while asking questions to the interviewer?

Which of the following must the last line of a job-acceptance message contain?

Danielle is offered a job in a company due to which she decides to quit her current job. She decides to write a letter to the concerned authorities about her decision. In this scenario, Danielle should write a _____. 14-4

A particular type of structured interview is the behavior-based interview, in which you are asked to give specific examples of occasions in which you demonstrated particular behaviors or skills.