BUSI 300 Test 1 Liberty University Answers

Question 1 A _____ is a small number of people with complementary skills who work together for a common purpose.

Question 2 While listening for information, using an outlining process helps you capture main ideas and supporting subpoints in a logical way.

Question 3 Stazia Inc. is a software company that intends to collaborate with Softron Inc., another multinational company. Steve, the chief executive officer of Stazia, decides to discuss the company's objectives with Jared, the chief executive officer of Softron. Steve seeks to obtain information about the services Softron offers and the quality process it follows. Steve intends to gather maximum information from this discussion including nonverbal cues. In this scenario, which of the following channels of communication should Steve use?

Question 4 According to the older, traditional view of management, _____.

Question 5 _____ is a pattern of shared basic assumptions that a group learned as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration and which has worked well enough to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceive, think, and feel in relation to these problems.

Question 10 Read the scenario, and then answer the corresponding question. Your coworker, Caitlin, sends you an email to let you know that recent updates have been made to the accounts receivable database. As you read Caitlin's email, you simultaneously listen to your voice mail messages. Then you send a quick reply to Caitlin to let her know you received her email. Barriers often hinder the communication process. True or False: Listening to voice mail while attempting to read an email is likely to interfere with the communication process.

Question 26 Companies are not authorized to monitor the electronic mail of an employee.

Question 27 Zhenyu, a manager at Finertech Inc., needs to inform an employee who reports to him that he was not considered for a promotion. He intends to use a channel of communication that will allow him a great degree of control over his message. In this scenario, which of the following channels of communication should Zhenyu use?

Question 28 Organizational communication is communication that occurs with an organizational context.

Question 29 Which of the following guidelines can help ensure that a meeting is productive?

Question 40 Nonverbal messages can contradict the accompanying verbal message and affect whether a message is understood or believed.

Question 46 Which of the following groups is most likely formed for long-term assignments?

Question 47 Martha is writing a letter to a movie producer. She has written a screenplay and wants to share it. Her letter ends with the words "Enclosed please find a copy of the script. Very truly yours, Martha." In terms of readability, what mistake did Martha make in her letter?

Question 48 Many bad listening habits develop simply because the speed of spoken messages is much faster than our ability to receive and process them.

Question 49 Listening for pleasure, recreation, amusement, and relaxation is intensive listening.

Question 50 In the context of positive group roles, a reporter is one who maintains records of events and activities and informs members.