BUSI 300 Test 2 Liberty University Answers

Question 1 Which of the following is true of persuasive claims?

Question 2 Offering a counterproposal in a bad-news message can assist in preserving future relationships with the audience.

Question 3 An effective introduction of a product, service, or idea is cohesive and action centered, and continues to stress a central selling point.

Question 4 In a sales message, the last paragraph should:

Question 5 In the context of bad-news messages, a(n) _____ might eliminate the need to state the refusal directly because it states what can be done.

Question 10 Businesses want their customers to communicate when merchandise or service is not satisfactory.

Question 21 Will has written a letter to the sales manager of a computer manufacturing company inquiring about the features of the company's new netbook. In response to the query, the manager's letter should begin with an attention-getting sentence to invoke Will's interest in owning a netbook.

Question 22 An effective persuasive appeal should include a central selling point that is woven throughout the entire message.

Question 23 As indicated by Maslow's need hierarchy, some people respond favorably to sales promotions that target their sense of belonging, their ability to be remembered, and their need to be appreciated. The needs that are being targeted are social, ego, and _____ needs.

Question 24 Which of the following is true of negative organizational news?

Question 25 In the decision to communicate about negatives, the primary consideration is intent.

Question 26 Because you expect persuasive claims to be granted willingly, a forceful, accusatory tone is inappropriate.

Question 27 Neutral-news messages are not likely to generate an emotional reaction from receivers.

Question 28 When delivering negative organizational news, it is necessary to be candid about what is happening, why, and its effect on employees, customers, and the public.

Question 29 Which of the following is a difference between solicited and unsolicited sales messages?

Question 40 Which of the following is a feature of the deductive organizational pattern?

Question 41 Which of the following is a feature of persuasive communication?

Question 42 It is helpful to write very long paragraphs in persuasive messages to achieve the writer's purpose.

Question 43 Which of the following is a technique of subordinating the price of a product in a persuasive message?

Question 44 In order to generate interest by introducing a product or idea, which of the following

Question 49 Which of the following statements is true of persuasion strategies?

Question 50 When a message contains a request that must be refused and another that is being answered favorably, the refusal must always be stated first.