BUSI 300 Test 3 Liberty University Answers

Question 1 When preparing for your presentation, you must rehearse multiple times.

Question 2 A stress interview is a freewheeling exchange and can shift from one subject to another, depending on the interests of the participants.

Question 3 When viewing tabulated research results, readers or listeners need exact statistics rather than rounded fractions and percentages.

Question 4 In the context of writing formal reports, a researcher intending to enhance his credibility must:

Question 5 In a formal report, the use of first-person pronoun "I" is generally acceptable.

Question 6 Laurent is being interviewed for the position of content analyst at Alping Inc. Zara, the interviewer, asks Laurent to tell her about a time when Laurent was able to convince someone to look at things from his perspective. This question posed by Zara is an example of a(n) _____.

Question 7 Conducting a pilot test of a survey instrument on a small group of a population:

Question 8 Graphics must be saved for data that are difficult to communicate in words alone.

Question 9 The speed at which words are spoken is called _____.

Question 10 Placing graphic material in the appendix is:

Question 21 Which of the following is a similarity between online surveys and telephone surveys?

Question 22 Zenith Inc., a textile company, wants to do business with Cara's Fashion House by supplying all the fabric required by Cara's Fashion House. Zenith Inc. writes a detailed description of how it can meet the needs of Cara's Fashion House at a reasonable price. This description provided by Zenith Inc. is an example of a(n) _____.

Question 23 The main function of vertical reports is to contribute to management control.

Question 24 In our information-intensive society, proposal preparation is an insignificant activity for many firms.

Question 28 LinkedIn is the least popular networking website for business professionals.

Question 29 During a presentation, eye contact must be maintained with each person for at least 30 seconds.

Question 30 Short reports focus on the _____.

Question 41 Discussion of salary is meaningful until before a mutually successful interview.

Question 42 Jargon and technical terms must always be used to make a presentation effective.

Question 43 Lists of names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of people who can provide information about a candidate that adds credibility to a résumé are known as _____.

Question 44 A map is especially useful when a receiver is completely familiar with the geography discussed in a report.

Question 49 Which of the following guidelines should you follow when speaking to culturally diverse audiences?

Question 50 Pre-interview planning on the part of an interviewee involves: