ECON 213 Quiz 3 Liberty University Solution

Question 1 When both supply and demand shift to the left, the:

Question 2 If the price of a good increases, holding all else constant,

Question 3 If all else is held constant, what would happen to the equilibrium price and quantity of iPhones if the price of an Android phone decreased?

Question 4 Leading economic indicators suggest that incomes will be going up next year. In response to these reports, companies are forecasting increased prices for future sales of their goods. As a result of these increases, the supply curve will:

Question 5 Refer to the table below: Assume that the market for iPods has only two consumers: Chuck and Ryan. According the table above, if the price of an iPod is $85, the market will demand:

Question 6 Pepsi and Coke are considered substitute goods. Because of this, one would predict that, holding all else constant, if the price of Pepsi increases, we would see:

Question 7 A monopoly:

Question 8 Refer to the accompanying diagram. An increase in the number of buyers would cause the demand curve to:

Question 9 The government offers numerous educational subsidies through grants and low­cost equipment to schools. They also provide a lot of incentives to go to school. Because of this, we expect that:

Question 10 The change in equilibrium shown in the accompanying figure would be explained by a(n):

Question 11 What would happen to the equilibrium price and quantity for the market for cigarettes if the government increased the tax and a scientific study came out confirming that smoking cigarettes increased the rate of heart disease?

Question 12 Refer to the accompanying graph. If a tax is placed on a good and all else is held constant, we would assume that the supply curve would:

Question 13 According to the supply and demand model, when the cotton gin was invented and if all else was held constant, we would expect the equilibrium price of cotton to _________ and the equilibrium quantity of cotton to _________.

Question 14 Consider the following demand schedules for New York Mets T­shirts: Holding all else constant, which of the following demand schedules is most likely to represent New York Mets T­shirts if they win the World Series?

Question 15 According to the figure below, at the price of $5:

Question 16 The equilibrium price of teddy bears is $5. A study comes out that says owning a teddy bear causes you to earn a lower salary. If all other factors are held constant, which of the following scenarios could happen?

Question 17 Assume that the price of rubber increased at the same time that Michael Jordan, arguably the best NBA basketball player of all time, became famous. What do you expect to happen to the equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity of the basketball shoes that are promoted by Michael Jordan?

Question 18 During the winter months, many elderly persons leave their homes in northern New York and travel south to Florida or Arizona. What would you expect to happen to the equilibrium price and quantity of items most used by the elderly in northern New York?

Question 19 The market for footballs is perfectly competitive. If all else is held constant and the price of leather decreases, we would expect that the equilibrium quantity of footballs would:

Question 20 When both curves shift: