HIEU 201 Chapter 11 Quiz Liberty University | Complete Answers

HIEU 201 Chapter 11 Quiz Liberty University

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1. All of the following were true of university students EXCEPT they

2. The geocentric theory held that

3. According to the medieval worldview

4. Saint Anselm (1033-1109) taught that God could

5. The condemnation of strict Aristotelianism in 1277

6. Roger Bacon

7. The leading center for the study of Roman law in the Middle Ages was

8. The French chansons de geste

9. Romanesque architecture

10. The Divine Comedy describes Dante's journey through

11. Gothic cathedrals gave expression to the medieval conception of

12. The form of poetry known as courtly love

13. The Song of Roland

14. All of the following contributed to the Twelfth-Century Awakening EXCEPT

15. According to medieval Christian theology,

16. Scholastic philosophy was a product of

17. In Sic et Non, Peter Abelard (1079-1142) demonstrated that

18. Thomas Aquinas believed that in the relationship between faith and reason

19. In the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries

20. ______ created the impetus theory, which marked an advance over Aristotle's air-engine