HIEU 201 Chapter 12 Quiz Liberty University | Complete Answers

HIEU 201 Chapter 12 Quiz Liberty University

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1. Among the consequences of the Black Death were

2. In the Late Middle Ages

3. Peasant rebellions broke out when

4. Joan of Arc (1412-1431)

5. Unam Santa (1302)

6. In his The Defender of the Peace, Marsiglio of Padua

7. The Babylonian Captivity (1309-1377) refers to a period when

8. The Conciliar Movement

9. The Lollards were

10. William of Ockham's main purpose in writing that reason could not prove the existence of God was to

11. Feudal traditions

12. Feudalism contributed to the development of free political institutions because

13. Which of the following statements concerning social unrest in the Late Middle Ages is true?

14. All of the following is true of the Late Middle Ages EXCEPT

15. The outcome of the conflicts between Boniface VIII and Philip IV of France

16. The Great Schism came to an end

17. Wycliffe and Hus

18. Duns Scotus (1265-1308) held that human reason

19. Late medieval technology was influenced by Christianity in that

20. Which of the following events occurred last?