HIEU 201 Chapter 14 Quiz Liberty University | Complete Answers

HIEU 201 Chapter 14 Quiz Liberty University

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1. With respect to religiosity and women

2. Luther's propositions for reform of Christianity include the idea that

3. The German peasants' revolt of 1524-1526

4. In Geneva, Calvin established a form of government that is best described as

5. Catherine de' Medici

6. The policies of the Catholic Church during the Counter-Reformation include all of the following EXCEPT

7. The Council of Trent met to

8. Luther wrote all of the following EXCEPT

9. First and foremost, Lutheranism was a

10. Swiss reformer Ulrich Zwingli

11. The millenarians believed that

12. Luther's attack on indulgences was prompted primarily by

13. The doctrine of predestination is based on the premise that

14. Nobles were motivated to support the Reformation because

15. Calvin's concept of predestination influenced his followers to

16. The Huguenots

17. During the reign of Henry VIII, the English Reformation

18. The beliefs of radical Protestants such as the Anabaptists

19. The Jesuits were a

20. The Reformation influenced the development of the modern world indirectly by