HIEU 201 Chapter 15 Quiz Liberty University | Complete Answers

HIEU 201 Chapter 15 Quiz Liberty University

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1. European expansion in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries was promoted by

2. Columbus's discovery made Spain a wealthy and powerful nation, because

3. Hidalgos were

4. Convertible husbandry

5. Fifteenth-and sixteenth-century innovations in business methods included all of the following EXCEPT

6. Commercial development in Spain was inhibited by

7. The development of capitalism was encouraged by

8. The traditional relationship between elite and fold cultures changed in the sixteenth century when

9. The principal reason why France was not as well placed as England to benefit from commercial expansion was

10. Thomas Mun was among the first Europeans to discern the virtues of

11. The high demand for armaments was sustained in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries by

12. Prince Henry the Navigator was associated with the expansion efforts of

13. Francisco Pizarro was

14. The European traffic in African slaves

15. The price revolution of the sixteenth century resulted primarily from

16. Enclosure was the process by which

17. The domestic system contributed to the growth of capitalism because it

18. The price revolution may have resulted partially from the influx of ______ from New Spain

19. Over the centuries leading up to the early modern period

20. The church's view of witchcraft was that