HIEU 201 Chapter 7 Quiz Liberty University | Complete Answers

HIEU 201 Chapter 7 Quiz Liberty University

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1. Octavian took the title princeps, which

2. The Pax Romana was characterized by the

3. The second Hebrew revolt in Judea during the reign of Hadrian resulted in

4. Roman Stoics

5. The major forms of entertainment in the Empire included all of the following EXCEPT

6. The weaknesses of the economy of Empire during the Pax Romana included all of the following EXCEPT

7. Plotinus (A.D. c. 205-c. 270) is considered the most influential spokesman for Neo-Platonism, because he

8. Diocletian was able to slow the disintegration of the Empire temporarily by

9. That "Rome fell in A.D. 476" means

10. In the late Roman Empire, the Roman population saw its government as

11. Ptolemy is best known for his contributions to the study of

12. Roman law came to form the basis of the common law in all Western lands EXCEPT

13. Octavian was able to avoid the fate of Julius Caesar by

14. Augustus carried out all the following measures EXCEPT

15. Roman rule clashed with Jewish religious-national sentiment because

16. During the Pax Romana, women

17. The writings of Juvenal

18. The jus gentium

19. The cult of Mithras was particularly popular with

20. The crisis of the third century A.D. resulted in part from