HIEU 201 Chapter 9 Quiz Liberty University | Complete Answers

HIEU 201 Chapter 9 Quiz Liberty University

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1. Which of the following contributed to tensions between the Eastern and Roman churches during the Middle Ages?

2. The Byzantine emperor Justinian's most lasting achievement was the

3. Muslims regard Mohammad as

4. ________ means both an internal striving by the individual for moral self-improvement and a collective military struggle to defend Islam against its enemies

5. Christians and Jews who lived in Islamic lands

6. In the eighth and ninth centuries, under the Abbasid caliphs, Muslim civilization

7. Cassiodorus (c. 490-575) was

8. Irish and English monasteries

9. The Franks became the dominant people in Western Europe, in part because

10. The Carolingian Renaissance

11. Feudalism provided some order and security in medieval society by

12. Vassals pledged loyalty to lord and, in return for service, were granted a

13. Byzantine emperors were

14. During the eighth century, the Muslim's threat to Constantinople

15. The Five Pillars of Islamic faith include all of the following EXCEPT

16. Pope Gregory I

17. The creation of an empire by Charlemagne

18. According to the widely held views in the Middle Ages, women

19. Medieval serfs

20. During the Early Middle Ages, Byzantine civilization was