HIUS 221 Mindtap Activities 2 Liberty University Solution

2.3 The Rise of New World Slavery

Determine which statements accurately describe the changing colonial world of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Check all that apply.

Plantation owners fathered children with their slaves, which gave rise to a new class of people in the New World.

African cultural traits, such as music and religion, transformed Brazil.

The year 1552 marked the first year that African slaves were brought to Caribbean islands.

Determine which statements accurately describe the changing colonial world of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Check all that apply.

Saharan and sub-Saharan Africa were sparsely populated.

The Kingdom of Kongo was central to the Portuguese slave trade.

Brazil’s indigenous population was replaced by an African population

Which of the following statements describe slavery in the New World, as opposed to in Africa? Check all that apply.

The children of slaves were not born into bondage and were considered free.

Slavery wasn’t limited to criminals and other prisoners.

Slaves were strictly separated from their masters and forced to labor under brutal conditions.

Which of the following factors led to the growth of the Atlantic slave trade? Check all that apply.

The decline in the supply of native Caribbean workers caused by plantation owners

The declining belief in Christianity throughout Europe

The increased European appetite for sugar

Which of the following best describes the theory shared by some historians as to why the practice of polygyny arose within some African communities?

Slave traders felt responsible for the high percentage of African children transported to the New World so married multiple African women in order to better care for them

Because of the length of time required for slave ships to travel the Middle Passage, slave traders formed unions with female slaves

The slave trade, which diminished the adult male population in West Africa by an estimated 20%, led to an imbalance in the male-to-female ratio in this region

Which of the following aspects of British culture were used to justify the practice of slavery? Check all that apply.

The British believed that Africans were inferior because they were not Christians.

The British thought that the dark skin of Africans was evidence that they were impure and therefore inferior.

British society was hierarchical, and the British believed that those on top had dominion and control over the people and things on the bottom

Which segment of the West African population accounted for more than half of those taken as slaves to the New World?



Adult men

Because of a nearly 20% reduction in the adult male population of western Africa caused by the slave trade, which of the following occurred?

A drastic decrease in the total number of marriages taking place

An imbalance in the male-to-female ratio within some communities

European men moving to these communities to take African wives

According to this clip, how was ownership of slaves indicated?

Through tattoos of their owner’s initials or some other distinctive mark

Through branding, the searing of identifying marks on individuals’ flesh

Through a pattern of cuts inflicted upon their upper arms