HIUS 222 Content Quiz 2 Liberty University Solution

Who founded Standard Oil?

2 out of 2 points

Where did most immigrants to the United States by 1900 originate?

2 out of 2 points

What was one of Moody’s most significant legacies?

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According to your textbook, what best describes automobile production in the United States in 1917?

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Which labor event did Eugene V. Debs play a leading role in?

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What did American workers experience in the late nineteenth century due to the growth of industrial capitalism?

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Why did organized labor fail to make great gains in the late nineteenth century?

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What competition did Princeton and Rutgers play as the first intercollegiate game in America in 1869?

2 out of 2 points

By the end of the nineteenth century, compulsory school attendance laws existed in thirty-one states and territories.

What statement about education in the late nineteenth century is true?

The rapid emergence of trusts in the late nineteenth century alarmed many Americans.

Laissezfaire was a philosophy typically held by

What was the significance of the adoption of a standard gauge?

How did children’s work in industry differ from their earlier contributions to the family economy?

The “Great Uprising” of 1877 was a general strike against the nation’s

Which of the following best characterizes the stories of Horatio Alger?

George Eastman created a successful business based on his invention of the

Frank W. Woolworth’s stores were known as

The Molly Maguires was a clandestine organization of coal miners that carried out acts of intimidation, vandalism, and violence.

Institutions established in the 1880s to provide social and educational services for the poor were called

Nativists created the White City primarily as a way of preserving white culture.

The number of immigrants arriving in the United States from the United Kingdom and Ireland increased throughout the Gilded Age.

Which of the following did NOT encourage African Americans to migrate to northern cities?

Selected Answer: a lack of racial prejudice in the North

Which of the following BEST characterizes the hopes of the designers of the White City?

With the 1896 presidential election, the Republicans became the party representing

What did proponents of “soft money” advocate?

In what way was How the Other Half Lives different from other contemporary writings on urban poverty?

Public education was promoted as a means of

Andrew Carnegie used _________________ integration to make his steel company as efficient as possible.

How did Sears and Roebuck become a major retailer?

Who argued in the 1880s that if the doctrine of survival of the fittest operated in the natural world, it must also govern the relationships between groups?

How much land did federal, state, and local governments give to railroad companies to encourage construction?

How did Moody engage the major social issues of his time?

Whose singing help draw thousands Dwight Moody’s revivals?

How did some Christian leaders criticize Dwight Moody?