HIUS 222 Content Quiz 3 Liberty University Solution

Question 1

Although strikes disrupted daily life, they rarely turned violent.

Question 2

What event led to the death of thirteen women and children in the Ludlow Massacre?

Question 3

As leader of the American Federation of Labor (AFL), Samuel Gompers welcomed all workers regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, or skill.

Question 4

Most American socialists advocated for

Question 5

In Lochner v. New York the Supreme Court ruled that

Question 6

Theodore Roosevelt saw the Roosevelt Corollary as

Question 7

How was U.S. imperialism beyond North America similar to its pursuit of Manifest Destiny on the continent?

Question 8

Why did President Roosevelt refer to Colombia’s rulers as “contemptible little creatures”?

Question 9

Newspaper coverage of the strip search of Clemencia Arango and the arrest of Evangelina Cisneros portrayed both women as

Question 10

Major outcomes of the SpanishAmerican War included which of the following?

Question 11

In the Zimmerman Telegram, German foreign minister Arthur Zimmermann negotiated in support of

Question 12

According to the Schlieffen Plan, Germany intended to attack France

Question 13

When he said of the Versailles Peace Treaty that “this isn’t a peace, it’s a twenty year truce,” Supreme Commander of Allied Armies Marshal Ferdinand Foch meant that

Question 14

Which act prohibited antigovernment speech during the war?

Question 15

President Wilson’s primary opponent on the matter of the League of Nations was

Question 16

Why was William McKinley unable to avoid war with Spain?

Question 17

What creature did cartoonists often use to describe Standard Oil?

Question 18

Who was a leading Christian missionary to China in the late 19th century?

Question 19

The American empire was second in size to Great Britain’s by1900.

Question 20

Who won the 1912 presidential election?

Question 21

What was Teddy Roosevelt’s campaign program in 1912?