HSCO 502 Test 2 | Complete Answers

HSCO 502 Test 2 Liberty University

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Question 1

The unique state of instability and anxiety in adolescence, brought on by body changes, emerging sexual needs, hormonal shifts, cognitive changes, and changing maturity demands, is referred to as

Question 2

Which of the following is more typical of boys’ sex-segregated groups than of girls’ sex segregated groups?

Question 3

Piaget’s description of the differences between preoperational thought (characteristic of preschool aged children) and concrete operational thought (characteristic of elementary school aged children), includes which of the following?

Question 5

Which of the following therapeutic approaches is designed to help children develop their perspective taking and friendship skills?

Question 6

Beliefs about sex differences sometimes are supported by research and sometimes are not. Which of the following gender stereotypes is not supported by research?

Question 7 Which of the following statements is FALSE with respect to the moral self:

Question 8

Which of the following parenting styles is most closely associated with positive outcomes in psychosocial development and school achievement for adolescents?

Question 9

When Marla, age 14, decides that she is a good writer because she gets better grades than her friend Jenna on stories she writes for English, she is demonstrating the use of ____________ as part of identity formation.

Question 10

High levels of parental monitoring and control are associated with which of the following outcomes regardless of ethnicity or social class?

Question 11

Self-esteem has been mistakenly touted as the “holy grail” of mental health, and this has meant that

Question 12

The ability to restrain or redirect a strong impulse in order to perform a less-preferred response is called

Question 13

Recent research on the self-system supports the idea that the self is ____________ in nature.

Question 14

Memory is to some degree reconstructed. This accounts for the phenomenon of

Question 15

Friendship, according to Selman, requires balancing

Question 21

What kind of peer intervention is least likely to be helpful to troubled teens?

Question 22

Which of the following emotions develops only after a child has a mental representation of him or herself as a separate person?

Question 23

What is the “two-pronged approach” to helping adolescents with their behavioral, social, or academic problems?

Question 31

A person who perceives neutral events as containing aggressive or threatening meaning is said to possess a

Question 36

Which of the following is a critical element that underlies the development of self-control?

Question 37

Which of the following is a difference between working memory and long-term memory?

Question 46

The maturing of the corpus callosum by middle childhood is especially important for

Question 48

Males are less likely to survive than females, both before and after birth. One important reason is that

Question 50

Pubertal processes begin when certain changes occur in the endocrine system. Which of the following explains the beginning of this process?