PHIL 201 Quiz 2 Liberty University | Complete Answers

PHIL 201 Quiz 2 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1

If one agrees with the conclusion of an argument then it is a good argument.

Question 2

Identify the following type of argument: If Frank goes to the store, then Ben will go to the library.

Frank went to the store, so Ben went to the library:

Question 3

In deductive reasoning, the argument is either valid or invalid.

Question 4

A onetoone comparison between two or more things is:

Question 5

The Latin phrase that means ‘it does not follow’ is:

Question 6

Identify the fallacy: The Bible says we should do to others what we would have them to do for us.

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Question 7

This fallacy occurs when an argument is distorted to an extreme and becomes a false imitation of the original argument:

Question 8

“Begging the question” is a fallacy of presumption.

Question 9

This fallacy claims that if a position is popular then it must be right:

Question 10

A fallacy of ambiguity:

Question 11

The term that refers to a set of beliefs in which none of them contradicts the others:

Question 12

One way to resolve the problem of conflicting authorities is to:

Question 13

One factor that strengthens a causal argument:

Question 14

Occam’s razor says:

Question 15

Plausibility is the aspect of a best explanation approach that

Question 16

Type of argument that begins with a problem with an unknown explanation, forms a theory and tests the theory.

Question 17

A sound deductive argument could be invalid.

Question 18 In a deductive syllogism, if the premises are true and the conclusion is true, then the argument is valid.

Question 19

Identify this kind of argument: If naturalism is true, then all things are determined and there is no free will. If there is no free will then morality makes no sense. Therefore, if naturalism is true then morality makes no sense.

Question 20

Invalid deductive arguments are the same as inductive arguments.