PHIL 201 Quiz 8 Liberty University | Complete Answers

PHIL 201 Quiz 8 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1 What is one of the two alternatives to the consequentialist response to moral dilemmas of trying to minimize the bad and maximize the good, do deontologists provide?

Question 2 Which ethic presupposes that no universal and lasting structures to human life exist:

Question 3 If love is regarded as a _________________ principle, then it needs to ground the principle of _________________ on more than simply utility.

Question 4 Which of these is not one of Holmes’ aspects of moral reasoning for Christians?

Question 5 What is the highest end for Christians?

Question 6 Which of these is not an example of how Aristotle viewed virtues as relative to excess and deficiency?

Question 7 Which one of the below is NOT what Eudaimonia means:

Question 8 Which of the following is not one of Plato’s four cardinal virtues:

Question 9 Stanley Hauerwas has stressed the crucial role of Christian ____________ in moral formation.

Question 10 According to Aristotle, the less virtuous are simply weak­willed people who act out of ignorance and need education.

Question 11 Ethical egoism seeks a social order where conflicting self­interests can be brought together in a peaceable and orderly way.

Question 12 The fact that we cannot logically derive ethical conclusions from merely empirical observations is called:

Question 13 A person wants to attend seminary to become more knowledgeable about the Scriptures and theology than others while earning a prestigious graduate degree. But this person also wants to become a pastor and be able to serve others with their education. Which philosopher would be most supportive of this desire?

Question 14 Holmes states that a non­consequential decision is needed as to the _______ of consequence we are to seek.

Question 15 What process did Jeremy Bentham propose to quantify pleasure versus pain with regards to which action one should take:

Question 16 Pragmatic means:

Question 17 Some deontologists equate the right with the good.

Question 18 That which has value in and of itself:

Question 19 According to deontology, what justifies the means:

Question 20 Consequentialism is not interested in keeping rules at all.