PSYC 101 Quiz 11 Liberty University | Complete Answers

PSYC 101 Quiz 11 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1 From Freud’s perspective, a boy resolves his Oedipus complex by

Question 2 In the humanistic perspective, realization of one’s own potential is known as

Question 3 Mahatma Gandhi’s lifelong commitment to non­violent solutions to social problems would likely be considered an example of a(n) ______ trait.

Question 4 In Mischel’s theory, which person variable concerns the ability to plan courses of action to achieve goals and obtain rewards?

Question 5 Ingmar’s boss ridiculed him in front of the whole office. When Ingmar returns home, he yells at his wife and children and kicks his dog. This is an example of

Question 6 Gordon Allport thought that cardinal traits are _____.

Question 7 According to Freud, most of the human mind resides in the ______, and primitive sexual and aggressive instincts lie in the ______.

Question 8 All but which of the following are premises of Adler’s individual psychology?

Question 9 Rorschach developed a famous personality test that uses __________ as stimuli.

Question 10 Watson and Skinner believed that

Question 11 Which of the following students is demonstrating a positive expectancy about schoolwork?

Question 12 In _____, people are presented with a set of ambiguous stimuli that produce responses that must be interpreted by the examiner.

Question 13 Cybill takes a personality test based on Eysenck’s theory and finds that her “type” is extraverted­stable. Which description most likely fits Cybill?

Question 14 The most widely adopted trait model of personality today is the

Question 15 In Freudian theory, the failure to acknowledge a threatening impulse or desire is called

Question 16 Paul forgets to call his mother­in­law on her birthday. He says it just slipped his mind. In the Freudian view, this type of forgetting may represent the defense mechanism of

Question 17 The psychoanalytic perspective suggests that too much or too little gratification at a psychosexual stage may result in

Question 18 Jacob and his friends like to lie around on summer days, stare up at the clouds, and tell each other what they see in the clouds. Their activity is most like which test of personality?

Question 19 Who developed the 16PF personality test?

Question 20 Raymond Cattell thought that surface traits are _____.