PSYC 101 Quiz 2 Liberty University | Complete Answers

PSYC 101 Quiz 2 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1 Delta Epsilon fraternity sponsors a Beer Fest every October, where party­goers consume large amounts of alcohol. At the neurotransmitter level, what is happening to the partygoers?

Question 2 A familial association study is used to determine

Question 3 Which of the following best describes a synapse?

Question 4 In the autonomic nervous system, _______ is to release, as ______ is to replenish.

Question 5 ______ are also called neural impulses.

Question 6 Broca’s area is located in the _______ lobe, while Wernicke’s area is located in the ______ lobe.

Question 7 The brain has ______ major parts and they are called the ______.

Question 8 The cerebral cortex accounts for approximately what percentage of the brain’s total mass?

Question 9 Somatosensory information is processed by which lobe?

Question 10 The peripheral nervous system connects the spinal cord and brain with the

Question 11 Associative neuron is another name for

Question 12 Shalanda’s daughter touches her hand. Sensory receptors in Shalanda’s skin transmit information about this sensation to Shalanda’s spinal cord and brain. Which type of neuron is responsible for this process?

Question 13 Humans have _____ chromosomes.

Question 14 Which of the following DOES NOT describe functions of the autonomic nervous system?

Question 15 Dr. Williamson conducts research examining the effects of electrical stimulation in certain parts of the brain. Dr. Williamson has found that stimulation of this part of the brain in laboratory rats will result in changes to the rats’ mating, eating, and socialization behaviors. Based on this description, which part of the brain is Dr. Williamson most likely to be studying?

Question 16 Endorphins are similar in chemical structure to which drug?

Question 17 Which of the following does NOT occur during the refractory period?

Question 18 After a motorcycle accident in which she wasn’t wearing a helmet, Vanessa has difficulty responding emotionally to unpleasant stimuli. Vanessa most likely experienced damage to which brain structure?

Question 19 Regarding the relationship between the nervous system and the endocrine system, which of the following statements is best described as FALSE?

Question 20 The resting potential of a neuron is a result of the