PSYC 101 Quiz 4 Liberty University | Complete Answers

PSYC 101 Quiz 4 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1

In which state of consciousness should a person’s level of awareness or attention be the highest?

Question 2

Delta9tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive chemical in

Question 3

Narcotics include which type of drug?

Question 4

Regarding sleep patterns across the life cycle, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Question 5

Regarding consciousness, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Question 6

Regarding psychoactive drugs, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Question 7

The pattern of fluctuations in bodily processes that occur regularly each day are called ______.

Question 8

Regarding sleep cycles, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Question 9

All but which of the following are depressants?

Question 10

Which statement best describes effective treatment of sleep disorders?

Question 11

The hormone melatonin helps synchronize the sleepwake cycle by means of

Question 12

“Crack” is to _____ as “ice” is to ______.

Question 13

Barbiturates are used for all of the following EXCEPT

Question 14

Many of the drugs of abuse share the tendency to increase levels of which neurotransmitter in the brain?

Question 15

Hashish is a potent form of which psychoactive drug?

Question 16

Which organ is most severely damaged by alcohol abuse?

Question 17

In general, nightmare disorder occurs in ______ sleep, while sleep terror disorder occurs in ______ sleep.

Question 18

The SCN (suprachiasmatic nucleus) works to regulate the sleepwake cycles by means of

Question 19

Kelsey has a sleep disorder in which she suddenly wakes up in the night with a panicky scream. She is only able to remember fragments of her dream images, and she is dazed and frightened upon awakening. Which sleep disorder does Kelsey most likely have?

Question 20

From a Freudian perspective, the purpose of dreams is to