PSYC 101 Quiz 7 Liberty University | Complete Answers

PSYC 101 Quiz 7 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1 Martin looks at his class syllabus and notices that his professor will lecture today on the work of Noam Chomsky. What is most likely to be the focus of the lecture?

Question 2 Taking an overview of the theories of intelligence, all but which of the following are fair conclusions?

Question 3 In Binet’s method of intelligence testing, the age at which a child’s performance peaked was considered his or her

Question 4 Eric was tested at school for entry into the gifted program. It is likely that Eric scored at least _____ on his intelligence test.

Question 5 Regarding human language development, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Question 6 Regarding theories of intelligence, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Question 7 What is the sequence for language development?

Question 8 Who adapted the Binet­Simon Intelligence Test for American use and established norms for the test?

Question 9 Paul is trying to research a problem online. He has found a wealth of relevant information. He is examining the information he has collected with a critical attitude, trying to ensure that the information he has collected is valid. Paul is engaged in which aspect of creative problem solving?

Question 10 Concerns with intelligence tests include all of the following EXCEPT

Question 11 The terms “veggie burger” and “cell phone” represent which process underlying creative thinking?

Question 12 Chalanda is described as suffering from a moderate intellectual disability. She likely has an IQ in the range of

Question 13 Chrissy relies on a “rule of thumb” to solve her problem. In scientific terms, Chrissy’s strategy is called a(n)

Question 14 All but which of the following are examples of phonemes?

Question 15 What is the major drawback of algorithms?

Question 16 Third­grade teacher Victor serves as a proctor for administration of group IQ tests to children at his school. Victor has been instructed to make sure that he follows the uniform procedures for administering the test in order to make sure the test is used correctly. With which criteria of test administration is Victor concerned?

Question 17 Stella uses a problem­solving technique in which she proposes as many solutions to a problem as possible, no matter how far­fetched or weird the ideas seem. Which technique is Stella using?

Question 18 Whose theory of intelligence has had a particularly strong influence on the field of education?

Question 19 Regarding concepts, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Question 20 Which of the following statements regarding language development is most strongly supported by the evidence?