PSYC 101 Quiz 8 Liberty University | Complete Answers

PSYC 101 Quiz 8 Answers Liberty University

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Question 1 Nervous system activation is reflected most directly in which component of emotions?

Question 2 The technical name for a lie detector test is a(n)

Question 3 Of the following emotions Ken experiences, which is most likely to be processed in his right prefrontal cortex?

Question 4 Who is a major researcher in the study of need for achievement?

Question 5 Regarding sources of motivation, self­gratification is to ______ as money is to ______.

Question 6 Which of the following is not one of the six universally recognized emotional expressions?

Question 7 Mrs. Taylor has two new immigrant girls in her fourth­grade class: Soledad from Mexico and Li­Hua from China. Should she expect the two to differ in how they display emotion?

Question 8 After not having eaten for a while, blood sugar _______ and fat cells ________.

Question 9 Which hormone do scientists believe works on the hypothalamus to stimulate appetite and eating?

Question 10 What is an instinct?

Question 11 Shelby, an avid bird watcher, explains that birds build nests because that is their nature. Shelby advocates ________ theory.

Question 12 The physiological component of an emotional experience involves _____.

Question 13 Curlee has a good ability to recognize emotions in herself and in others. She is also able to effectively manage her emotions. Curlee appears to have high levels of

Question 14 Of the following factors, which is most likely to be linked to personal happiness?

Question 15 The two­factor theory of emotion suggests that emotions

Question 16 Regarding stimulus motives, which of the following statements is FALSE?

Question 17 Generalizing from Zuckerman’s research on sensation seeking, which of the following statements best describes a sensation­seeker?

Question 18 In drive theory, biological drives are also known as

Question 19 Empathy is most likely to play a role in which aspect of emotional intelligence?

Question 20 Joshua’s cerebral cortex is involved in all but which of the following emotional experiences?