RLGN 104 Test 1 Liberty University Solution

Question 1

When Jesus presented the gospel most people accepted it the first time they heard it.

Question 2

Christian faith is simply a personal preference, a function of how one was raised, and a worldview that is only supported by emotional considerations.

Question 3

According to Powell, “reason” is not the enemy of “faith”.

Question 4

The Greek word for “preach” is a first century word meaning “to proclaim” and implies passion produced by one’s belief.

Question 5

Studying worldviews helps us better _______.

Question 6

According to Powell, the majority of Christian apologetics takes place in academic classrooms.

Question 7

Preaching “the Word” only refers to the Old Testament since the writing of II Timothy 4:2 was before the New Testament was completed.

Question 8

Application is the first step of a biblical worldview.

Question 9

When Jesus healed the crazed man who lived in a graveyard near Decapolis the people of the city:

Question 10

Being capable of rational thought, humans should conform their beliefs to reality, and not the other way around.

Question 11

Because of the respect that people had for the Apostle Paul his message of Jesus Christ was accepted by almost everyone who heard him.

Question 12

In describing “truth”, Powell states:

Question 13

Which of the following is not characteristic of the Bible?

Question 14

The word worldview is derived from two German words meaning “world” and “perception.”

Question 15

When Jesus spoke as “one who had authority”:

Question 16

According to Dr. Weider the Christian faith is both reasonable and defendable.

Question 17

According to Dr. Lee Strobel, historical truth is not relevant or important to Christianity.

Question 18

Upon returning to the Decapolis region a second time after healing the crazed man who had been cutting himself with rocks, Jesus:

Question 19

A translation of the Bible is most accurate when translated by one, highly educated, highly qualified individual.

Question 20

When presenting the gospel to people Christians should be: