RLGN 104 Test 2 Liberty University Solution

Question 1 A person sometimes uses a logical fallacy if he/she realizes his/her argument is weak.

Question 2 Man cannot know that God exists through his use of reason.

Question 3 The Argument from Design, observes nature, and concludes that it demonstrates randomness rather than intentionality or a plan.

Question 4 “Evidence does not exist to prove humans were created by God therefore man was not created by God” is an example of:

Question 5 Evidence is:

Question 6 Selective Perception is arguing a point by selecting and presenting only the evidence that supports one’s current position or opinion.

Question 7 An argument is an attempt to offer evidence to demonstrate the soundness of an opinion.

Question 8 “Raising an irrelevant issue to divert attention from the primary issue” is which of the following Informal Logical Fallacies:

Question 10 Making a judgment on the basis of one or even a few samples is what type of fallacy?

Question 11 People from the city of ________________ were noted in the Bible as being of “noble character”, because they went to the scriptures to see if what Paul was saying was true.

Question 12 “Mom, may I have a smart phone?” All of my friends have one” is an example of:

Question 13 A person can know about God through:

Question 14 According to Powell the “Big Bang theory” fails to address the issue of sufficient cause.

Question 15 When a shooting takes place at a school, arguing that the reason it occurred was because of gun laws alone is what type of fallacy?

Question 16 “I cannot be a Christian because all Christians are hypocrites” is an example of:

Question 17 The Thomist (Thomas Aquinas) Argument for God’s existence begins with his view on:

Question 18 The word “cosmos” is a Greek word that refers to:

Question 19 Accepting the opinions of others as one’s own opinion without applying critical thinking skills to that opinion is what type of decision­making

Question 20 Which of the following is not an example of a formal fallacy: