RLGN 104 Test 6 Liberty University Solution

Question 1

John Calvin’s teachings may be considered by some to be an example of:

Question 2

Jesus made the assertion that there is a direct relation between the way people treat ____________, and the way they revere and respect God.

Question 3

Belief in (the theory of) Evolution is ultimately based upon faith.

Question 4

During the Age of Enlightenment people elevated the teachings of the Church as the ultimate test for truth since they were being enlightened by the Word of God.

Question 5

__________________ said that “Man is the measure of all things”?

Question 6

A belief in determinism undermines a belief in the sovereignty of God.

Question 7

A person’s worldview should impact his/her approach to moral decision making.

Question 8

Some forms of deterministic thinking describe certain behaviors as a matter of genetic destiny rather than personal choice.

Question 9

Using a relativistic approach, what is true now may not be true in the future.

Question 10

Who is most closely associated with Utilitarianism:

Question 11

The Bible indicates that not all pleasures are good and not all pain is evil.

Question 12

There are no logical responses to the Problem of Evil which causes most Secularists to reject Christianity.

Question 13

_________________ is the idea that selfinterest or personal happiness should be the goal of all actions.

Question 14

Historically, the advantage of Utilitarianism is that it has always resulted in the avoidance of human rights injustices.

Question 15

By showing a subjective relativist how they actually expect to be treated with dignity and respect, rather than have their relativism applied to them in cruel treatment, abuse, or the relativizing of their passions, Powell believes we can:

Question 16

The Old Testament law was intended by God to save man from their sin.

Question 17

The kind of people, or “heroes” this system produces is a chief criticism of _______________.

Question 18

This philosophy asserts that all human actions can ultimately be understood by observing cause and effect

Question 19

A specific criticism of _________ is that the mere disagreement about what is moral does not automatically lead to the conclusion that there is no moral truth.

Question 20

A deterministic approach always gives a sense of relief to an individual.