THEO 104 Quiz 7 Liberty University Solution

Pastor, elder, and overseer are all terms used to delineate the role of pastor.

There are few things that affect a church member’s experience of the church as much as church organization.

The term pastor means .

Acts 14:23 does NOT point in the direction of a plurality of elders as the normative practice in the early church planting movement.

Egalitarians believe that God has given unique roles to men and woman.

The early church did not have much fellowship or community.

Service is necessary for a church if they want to follow Christ’s example

The ministry of teaching in a church should include everything from basic instruction on the gospel to an in-depth understanding of the whole of Scripture as well as formal and informal teaching.

What passage of scripture gives insight into the routine activity of the early church?

According to chapter 34 of Everyday Theology, “ emphasizes the fact that the church is always on sharing the message about Jesus.”

John’s baptism was not a baptism of repentance, but of recognition and identification with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection that was to come

According to the textbook, “ theology believes in transubstantiation.”

The major issues over baptism has to do with the recipients.

Most theologians agree that the purpose of the Lord’s Supper is to proclaim the significance of Jesus’ death.

communion allows only members of a particular church to partake in the ceremony.

What event signified the beginning of the ancient church?

What are the four main eras of the church discussed in Chapter 31 of Everyday Theology?

What is the name of the first major division within the Christian church?

What major religion began to form during the medieval era?

According to the text, “During the medieval era, we see grow in prominence, becoming strong centers of learning, spirituality, cultural preservation, and missionary outreach.”

The people of God, the family of God, the body of Christ, and the temple of the Holy Spirit are all analogies for the church.

The body of Christ is an image that communicates both the unity and diversity of Christ’s body

During the early church period, believers would meet in or gathering places within their communities

Protestants have distinguished between the visible and the invisible church.

The church has a local and global connotation.